FuelMiner is an innovator in vehicle-to-cloud (V2C) solutions that help improve fuel economy, design more efficient vehicles and build better roads.

FuelMiner hardware collects comprehensive on-road data streaming from the vehicle CAN and sensors placed on truck tractors and trailers. FuelMiner cloud-based software analyzes the data with its proprietary algorithms and provides recommendations for fleet managers and engineers on fuel economy and truck performance. We know where every drop of fuel is consumed, in the truck and on the road.

Our multi-disciplinary team — consisting of hardware engineers, software engineers, cloud developers, mathematicians, and physicists — has more than 40 years combined expertise in vehicle engineering, modeling of vehicle dynamics, and developing enterprise systems. We have worked with the largest US truck manufacturers.


FuelMiner has four pending patents on its technology.

Contact information

FuelMiner, Inc.
3601 Minnesota Drive, Suite 690
Minneapolis, MN 55435

Phone: 952-697-2015

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