Know your trucks. Save fuel.

Take control of your MPG. FuelMiner shows where your fuel is going, so you can make decisions your fleet can use.

Look under the hood — without leaving the office Contact us

FuelMiner records a comprehensive set of vehicle data, including GPS locations, diagnostic codes, fuel rates, vehicle speeds, and pedal positions. FuelMiner records all signals broadcasted by the Engine Control Unit (ECU), a dataset of over 500 parameters!
Our wireless connectivity options give you real-time access to critical vehicle information, so you can identify potential issues before they become crises.

One device, many applications Contact us

FuelMiner Logger is the gateway to limitless applications for fuel economy and truck performance. With a resolution of 1/1000 of a second, FuelMiner Logger takes the “pulse” of your vehicle, giving you the data for in-depth analysis.
FuelMiner Logger lets you test without modifying your vehicle, or installing testing equipment, such as portable fuel tanks. Precise fuel economy tests can be performed in as little as two hours of driving.
For more information about FuelMiner Logger, see the Technical specifications (PDF).

All of the data, none of the hassle Contact us

If you can use a spreadsheet, you can use FuelMiner. Our flexible data format allows you to get the insights you need with minimal fuss.
Safely upload the Logger's data from your PC for 24/7 data access and storage. For more information about the data we provide, see our technical specifications (PDF).