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FuelMiner Data is BIG DATA! A typical highway truck generates two to four GB of data per week of operation. Our flexible data format allows you to get all the insights you need with minimal fuss.

The FuelMiner data set comprises records collected from the truck's CAN (Control Area Network) bus, using the SAE J1939 Standard. FuelMiner makes use of all PGN and SPN signals, as well as the truck's GPS location.

Data are converted to CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format for ease of use in other applications, such as Microsoft Excel and MATLAB. Data are written as time series with UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) time stamps. GPS locations are reported as UTC vs. Lat/Lon. File naming follows the SAE J1939 standard.


Our in-depth data analysis shows where the truck wastes fuel, component by component:

  • Terrain (grade)
  • Braking
  • Idling fuel
  • Traffic
  • Acceleration
  • Accessories: fans, alternators, etc.
  • Aerodynamics resistance
  • Rolling resistance

Our analysis also identifies core trouble areas such as:

  • Mismatched powertrain components
  • Excessive aerodynamic drag of trailer or truck bodies
  • Excessive rolling resistance for vehicle and trailer combination
  • Improper gearing
  • Fuel spent going over certain terrain types
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